"Study of the specifics and richness of national costumes from the Razlog region, in the light of cultural diversity"

In 2020, The live roots of Bulgaria Foundation won a project organized by the National Culture Fund at the Ministry of Culture: "Study of the specifics and richness of national costumes from the Razlog region, in the light of cultural diversity."

Preservation and promotion of its eternal ritual value

in the inseparable connection with everyday life, in the logic of the weekday-holiday life cycle.


In fulfillment of the project commitments the following activities will be performed

  1. Search and selection of 25 sets of the most characteristic costumes from the region of Razlog Municipality, with priority to women's costumes, preserved in museum exhibitions and other public or private collections.

  2. Search for detailed information about each of the costumes, from old sources, archives, the elderly and more.

  3. Research and analysis of the inseparable connection between the elements of everyday life, with those of a ritual nature. Analysis of the development of this relationship in individual costumes in the last 100 years

  4. Photographing each costume from all angles, giving information regarding item 2 and item 3. by placing the costume in an environment as close as possible to its authentic and real one.

  5. Design and prepress of an album with the materials from the photo sessions. Maximum quality of each costume, as well as details of it, as well as old archival black and white photos. The detailed information from the research for each costume from item 2 will be included in the album.

  6. Print of a portable exhibition set of life-size photographs of the costumes from the project of polypropylene film. The material is light and weather resistant and allows high photographic quality of the print. The set will visit exhibitions of the FOUNDATION in Bulgaria, Macedonia and Romania. It will be used for exposition in HM Razlog and other museums in the country under the program of HM Razlog, as well as as a visiting exhibition with international and regional participation of local folk groups from Razlog. For this purpose, the latter will have to state that they wish to use the exhibition at the HM. Reason.

  7. Filming of 6 costumes. The purpose of the films is to show dressing, specific techniques for veiling and placing elements - characteristic of the various rituals. The accent in each film will be both the costume itself and its dress, as well as in parallel an authentic story of an elderly woman from the region, about her memories with this costume. Each film will be between 8-10 minutes. This information will be sought mainly among the elderly, old archives and photos.

  8. Filming stories of elderly people about the costumes from the area. Their characteristic features and the ritual element in them.

  9. Film stories of elderly people about "Babinden".

  10. Creating a special interactive page in the portal of the Live roots of Bulgaria Foundation, where all materials and results of the project can be accessed.

  11. The research and descriptions will be the result of joint work of both the specialists from HM Razlog and elderly people from the region.