The children of Bulgaria sing and dance in Ohrid

In 2019, the team of the Living Bulgarian Roots Foundation visited and covered the festival "Children of Bulgaria Sing and Dance in Ohrid". The festival is the only tribune for young talents under 18. from Bulgaria to our western neighbor and probably the only event allowing a meeting of young people involved in folklore and dance on both sides. According to the organizers, the publication opens the way for mutual work in the field of international cultural relations and not only in the field of folklore. It is held under the patronage of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria, Mrs. Ekaterina Zaharieva. It is organized by the ART Vivendi Cultural Society - Northern Macedonia, the New Bulgarian University and the Bulgarian-Macedonian Friendship Association with the support of the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Northern Macedonia. During the three days of the festival, the Foundation presented to the cultural community, guests, tourists and visitors of Ohrid the exhibition "The present meets the past". The exhibition consisted of 40 panels with a size of 100 x 70 cm. These photo panels showed some of the most beautiful traditional Bulgarian costumes from the last 200 years.


Girl, Marie is beautiful

A joint exhibition realized with the Municipality of Plovdiv and the Ethnographic Museum of Plovdiv in early March 2020. The exhibition was presented outdoors in the central city garden and showed 26 panels measuring 2.40 x 1.50 m. Series of photographs "GIRL, MARY IS BEAUTIFUL ”. The exhibition was dedicated to the timeless beauty of the traditional Bulgarian costume from the XIX and the beginning of the XX century, entirely handmade by the Bulgarian woman in the past. Through its fabric, color, cut and decoration, the clothing once showed the ethnicity, place of residence, gender, age, marital status, occupation, social affiliation and religion of the wearer.

From the beginning of the 20th century, with the disintegration of the traditional way of life, the old costumes of the Bulgarians gradually became obsolete, until finally they were completely forgotten. Today they can be seen "live" only in museums or on the stage of major folk festivals and festivals.

With the photographs in the exhibition, we show that the beauty of the Bulgarian costumes, overflowing with colors rich in embroidery and tinsel, is timeless and relevant even now. Taken from the funds of the Regional Ethnographic Museum - Plovdiv and other museums in the country, the costumes of that time "come to life" in the shots through young Bulgarian girls, whose clothes fit as well as their grandmothers. The photos show the magic of the Bulgarian and the pride with which the Bulgarian carries the incredible combination of colors and dyes - a creation that came out of the hands of her predecessors.

The costume for the Bulgarian has never been only a garment, it is not only a thing and a symbol, it is sacred, like the home altar, the hearth, the earth, the bread and the faith. The project for a photo session of old authentic costumes is our support for preserving the Bulgarian roots, for preserving and transmitting the traditions and Bulgarian folklore to the young generation.


The women of Razlog

Joint exhibition with Razlog Municipality and Razlog Historical Museum - WOMEN OF RAZLOG. The current exhibition, presented by 56 panels, was supposed to start on March 8, 2020, but given the situation in the country, it was postponed and realized from May 1, 2020. At present, it is still active and can be visited freely in the park in front of the Historical Museum in Razlog.

Razlog Municipality wrote on the occasion of the exhibition:
"The magical beauty of the Razlog woman appeared in a permanent photo exhibition in front of the Razlog Museum

Razlozhanka as a mystery, as a universe - in the traditional holiday - with a beautiful costume and a proud posture has inspired "Bulgarian Roots" for an exhibition of contemporary beauty of the Bulgarian woman.

56 works by photographer Petar Petrov, positioned in the park of Razlog, touch the magic and charm of little girls and brides, children and grandmothers - all in national costumes, inspired by the ancient and timeless tradition.

Light shines from the photos.

The razlozhanka shines - as a mother and protector, as a lover, born to give and inspire love ...

As a heiress of great Bulgarian women and traditions.

The mother, the creator of life, shines, because the sons and daughters of Razlog are her care and responsibility, her strength and weakness, her hope and faith.
The famous Razlog grandmother is shining - in a beautiful costume, she has put her newborn grandson in a colorful strainer - and in a costume. She hugged the young bride - to pass on this incredible, strong Bulgarian energy - from the past - to the future.
The exhibition is a harmony and unity of the external beauty of the Razlozhanka and her great moral virtues.
This exhibition awakens a longing for joy and happiness.
56 art photographs shine in a joint exhibition organized by Razlog Municipality, Razlog Historical Museum, Bulgarian Roots - Bulgaria!
The photos are from the modern holidays of Razlog, deeply connected and preserved the tradition.
56 works enchant with radiant and spirited faces.
Grandmothers, mothers, brides and children, festively dressed and adorned with wrists for health - beautiful, proud and happy. Generations great and proud heirs of the Razlog tradition.
They are united by love.
And hearts - with small bells and colorful smokes - to know! - the beauty of Razlog shines. "